Ramiro Arnedo S.A. began as a seed seller but for more than two decades the company bets strongly for knowledge as the main wealth generator. This effort is managed by a young and highly qualified team and has led to the development and introduction of many new varieties of lettuce, pepper, eggplant and melon, among others.

To carry out the research activities, Ramiro Arnedo S.A. has three major Research Stations in Spain:

Calahorra: 50,000 m2 of surface mainly for open air crops.

Almeria: 65,000 m2 of highly technified greenhouses. In addition to 1,200 m2 of offices, "in vitro" culture laboratory and laboratory of biotechnology.

Murcia: 100,000 m2 dedicated to the research of open air crops, mainly leaf crops.

Once the new varieties are obtained and tested in our research stations, we dispose of an extensive trial network throughout the Spanish territory and in other destinies.
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