estrellaPepper for Processing - Piquillo

Arca F1
pimiento inustria piquillo arca

punto verde Very early and productive.

punto verde Extremely vigorous plant with good coverage and excellent setting.

punto verde Two-sided fruit, uniform, large size.

punto verde 9-11 cm long and 5-7 cm in diameter, with a weight of 40-50 g.

punto verde Very intense red colour.

punto verde Recommended in areas where Piquillo pepper remains small.


pimiento inustria piquillo piquillo

punto verde Vigorous plant with good coverage.

punto verde Two-sided fruit (some three-sided).

punto verde 7-9 cm long and around 5 cm wide, with a weight of 35-45 g.

punto verde Early cycle.

punto verde Fine flesh, intense red colour and slight capsaicin content.

punto verde Excellent quality for processing.