estrellaPepper for Processing - Morron

Cierzo F1
pimiento industria morron cierzo

punto verde Vigorous plant with very good coverage.

punto verde Conical shaped fruit.

punto verde About 7-9 cm long and 7-8 cm wide, and weight of 170-190 g.

punto verde Very thick flesh and good colour.

punto verde Early cycle.

punto verde HR to Tm: 0.


Corera F1
pimiento industria morron corera

punto verde Vigorous plant that covers the fruit very well.

punto verde Triangular shaped fruit, about 11-14 cm long and 6.5-7 cm wide,

      with a weight of 180-230 g.

punto verde Intense thick wall, of 6-7 mm. Very consistent.

punto verde Semi-early cycle.


Rodiezmo F1
pimiento industria morron Rodiezmo F1

punto verde Open field corera type.

punto verde Vigorous, compact and productive plant.  

punto verde Conical and pointed fruit shape, very wide at the top. Uniform.

punto verde Smooth skin and thick flesh. 230-260 g in weight.

punto verde Very productive. Indicated for freezing industrie for its shape and yield.


Santacara F1 - yellow-
pimiento industria morron Santacara

punto verde Yellow Corera type for open field.

punto verde Vigorous plant with good cover.

punto verde Corera type fruits, of about 200 grams, elongated heart shaped and with

      a light yellow color at maturity.

punto verde Suitable for freezing.

punto verde HR to Tm: 0. IR to TSWV.