estrellaPepper Conical - Greenhouse

Kamet F1
pimiento conico kamet

punto verde Plant of medium vigor, with long internodes and medium coverage.

punto verde Homogeneous fruits with good consistency. Of 15 cm in length,

     finished in tip, with intense red colour and thick wall.

punto verde HR to Tm 0-3, IR to TSWV.

punto verde Perfect size for bagging.

Valroyo F1
pimiento conico valroyo

punto verde Greenhouse variety.

punto verde Semi-open plant habit, with medium length internodes.

punto verde Conical fruit with smooth surface.

punto verde Length up to 22 cm and a diameter of about 6 cm.

punto verde Very nice red colour.

punto verde IR to TSWV.

punto verde Stands out for its fruit quality and excellent sweet flavour.


Monster F1
pimiento conico Monster

punto verde Variety of medium vigor, semi-open habit and medium internodes.

punto verde Medium red glossy fruits, with a conical shape and pointed tip, of about

     150-190 grams.

punto verde HR to Tm 0-3, IR to TSWV.