punto verde Mid-vigorous plant. Uniform.


punto verde Long spherical shaped artichokes.


punto verdeGrouped bracts with a slight anthocyanin coloration.


punto verde Excellent flavour.


punto verde Allows transplants during different seasons throughout the year.



punto verde Artichoke from seed with a plant of medium vigor.


punto verde Suitable for the fresh market as well as for the canning industry.


punto verde Low need of vernalization which allows the production of artichokes with a few days
of low temperatures.


punto verde Phytohormones (GA3) can be applied to supply that absence of cold and stimulate the
formation of artichokes allowing the production of artichokes during a wide period
of time and in a great diversity of places, provided that a good study and programme
of the crop is done.


punto verde The fruits are more or less conical, with a wide base and a narrow tip, with a
high number of bracts, compact, which gives them a good specific weight and a high yield
in the canning industry.