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Reduction of Capital

The Extraordinary and Universal General Meeting of shareholders held on November 2, 2012, unanimously agreed, reducing the capital stock in the amount of 342,790 Euros, through amortization of 413 own shares held by the company, specifically, the numbers 3,758 to 4,170, all inclusive, leaving a capital after reduction of 3,118,310 Euros and consequently modify the corresponding article of the bylaws. The purpose of the reduction is amortization of own shares held by the company, taking the nominal of 342,790 Euros to increase voluntary reserves. This is made public, where applicable, for the purposes of articles 334, 336 and 337 of the Revised Text of the Law of Capital Firms. Calahorra (La Rioja), on November 5, 2012. The President of the Board of Directors. Mr. Ramiro Arnedo Eguizábal.