Ramiro Arnedo S.A. produces the seeds at his own farms and in collaboration with specialized companies around the world. Productions are directly supervised by the technical team of the company, thus guaranteeing the quality of the obtained seed.
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Ramiro Arnedo S.A. began as a marketer of seeds but for more than two decades the company bets strongly for knowledge as the main wealth generator. This effort is managed by a young and highly qualified team and has led to the development and introduction of many new varieties of lettuce, pepper, eggplant and melon, among others.


Buendia F1
melon buendia

punto verde Yellow Canary type, medium cycle.

punto verde Vigorous plant with good sprouting power and grouped production.

punto verde Oval shaped fruit, nice yellow coloured skin, lightly ribbed.

punto verde Weight: about 1.5 kg.

punto verde White colour flesh, consistent and pleasant to eat. 14º Brix.